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Alpha Invariance [CVPR 2024]

Joshua Ahn, Haochen Wang, Raymond Yeh, Greg Shakhnarovich

Uncovering Inverse Scaling between Distance and Volume Density in a Neural Radiance Field.

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Stabilizing NeRF

Joshua Ahn

Improving Vanilla-NeRF with Batch Normalization.

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A personal library for neural networks, experimentation, visualization, and more!

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Revisiting Deep Learning Fundamentals

Joshua Ahn

Implementing a convolutional neural network from scratch in NumPy complete with optimizers, learning rate schedulers, and normalization.

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Teaching Assistant

Joshua Ahn

Some reviews about my teaching for Computer Architecture!

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Pixelated Fractals

Exploring the interactions between fractals and noise. Best viewed on desktop browser.

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shrek musical

Shrek the Musical

In a previous life, I played Shrek in Shrek the Musical!